My name is Seth, and I am a wanna-be hillbilly. However, I am not yet confident enough in my abilities to totally sever the ties of civilization, so like most of you, I will keep my day job for a while longer.

I am a camper, canoeist, survival enthusiast, primitive living student, fair weather fisherman, service rifle collector,  malt beverage connoisseur, cheese lover, and self described eccentric.

I have a B.A. in history with a minor in philosophy, and a second B.A. in accounting (a logical combination).

My basic philosophy is that life is too short to take too seriously, so find a way to earn enough money to keep out of jail, and to have enough free time to enjoy what you love.

If you like the idea of being self reliant while having a good time in the process, then this blog is written for you.

Remember: don’t piss to windward, and keep your powder dry.